Qualifying Cross Country Done!

03/03/2017 – Just two days after my dual cross country I was due to be back for my QXC. However the weather wasn’t suitable and I had to delay it. I asked for the next availability worried that it might be a couple of weeks away, but Gamston Flying School managed to get me in the following Monday, the 6th March. I was looking forward to completing another major milestone.

06/03/2017 – The day was bright and reasonably clear and I was still confident after my Dual XC just a few days previously. I won’t go through the route again as it was the same as the Dual XC but apart from quite a lot of cloud the leg from Gamston to Conington was very simple and my landing was much better than before. I also managed to get a lovely shot of Belvoir Castle as I flew over.

Belvoir Castle

When I popped into the office to pay the manager at Conington asked where my QXC form was as he expected to sign it. Now there’s some confusion as to whether you still need this form signing, but I didn’t have it with me so we got Gamston to email it down, he printed it off and signed it for me and I was off again. Better to have it than not!

CloudAhoy debrief for first leg is at https://www.cloudahoy.com/debrief/?key=LxgeBamjqmqRE

Youtube video of the first leg at 8x normal speed

Then it was onto the long leg to Humberside. I turned at Boston as planned and headed for Humberside which I spotted from a long way out thanks to the quarry behind it and was asked if I wanted to come in on the 26 runway as the wind was better for me. But as I’d only landed on the 20 I decided to stick with that as I knew the circuit layout. There’s nothing like a huge runway for making your landings look great and I parked up and took the long walk to the terminal to pay, and get my form signed!

Overhead Boston

When I got there I was reminded that I should have called first (I forgot to call from Conington due to the mixup with the form) but they couldn’t have been friendlier and I headed back to LB knowing I was almost home.

CloudAhoy debrief for second leg is at https://www.cloudahoy.com/debrief/?key=ANxqpDt26HsI0S1T0

Youtube video of the second leg at 8x normal speed 

When I’d walked in I’d seen a Thomson 737 filling up with passengers but hadn’t really thought much about it. However when I wanted to set off it had beat me and I was going to have to wait for it to set off first. Control asked me to line up at Bravo as the 737 was lined up at Alpha. However we then found out a Citation was coming in and I was asked to line up at Alpha as well, giving plenty of room behind the 737 to avoid any problems with the jet wash. Although this added about 20 minutes of delay in total is was very cool to line up behind such a big aircraft, it’s fun to mix it with the big boys!

He’s not on his Qualifying Cross Country I guess
And he’s off!

The 737 took off ahead of me and I waited a couple of minutes before being allowed to enter the runway, then another couple of minutes to ensure there’s be no turbulence problems. I then took off from runway 26 (opposite direction to the 737) and headed for home.

Youtube video of the third leg at 8x normal speed 

A nice easy landing on a bright afternoon at Gamston and I was yet another step closer to my dream of completing my PPL. Just the Skills Test to go and I was done! How long would I have to wait?

If you want to know more, the podcast, as always, contains an expanded version of the above.

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