First Solo Navigation

24/11/2016 – After two weeks away from flying I finally had a lesson. Luke got me to plot a route to Newark, then Mansfield, then back to Gamston. We did a couple of circuits together to make sure I hadn’t forgotten everything, then I was off.

My First Solo Navigation! This was what I’d been looking forward to most of all, just me and the aircraft off on an adventure. I really felt like a true pilot and was quite excited that I’d been trusted to go off on a journey on my own.

I was very happy with my direction, and the timekeeping. I hit the turning points exactly when I expected to, and managed to hold what I felt was a good course. I managed to find Newark and Mansfield where and when I expected them!

Here’s a picture of the CloudAhoy track, you can see the entire debrief at


I was a bit more nervous with the radio than with the navigation itself, but everything went reasonably well after I’d given myself a bit of time to think about what I was saying first. I made a happy return to Gamston with a good dead side descent and a great rectangular circuit followed by a nice smooth landing which of course nobody saw as I was solo 🙂

Brilliant! The first solo nav will go down with my first solo as one of my all time favourite achievements in flying. It’s when you really feel like you’re almost there. Of course there was still plenty more flying to do before I got my licence.

There’s a link to the Youtube video of my takeoff and leaving the airfield overhead at

If you want to know more, the podcast, as always, contains an expanded version of the above.

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