Navigation Week Part 2

20/10/2016 – After my trip to the Humber Bridge the day before I was looking forward to another chance to practice my navigation skills so Luke had asked me to plan a route to Carsington Water and then Chatsworth House. Woot, a triangular route, advanced stuff!.

Adjacent to Carsington Water is the TNT VOR (VHF Omni Directional Radio Range), a ground station that aids navigation so I plotted a route direct to that, then onwards to Chatsworth House, then, of course, home, as per below. The VOR has a frequency, 115.7 in this case, and you can tune into it and see how far you are, and what heading you are on from it. This allows you to see if you’re heading off track. There’s one at Gamston (112.8) as well and they’re brilliant to help you keep track of where you are.IMG_3629.jpg

Again I wrote out my Pilot Log, usually called a Plog, with headings, distances etc. and in the morning of the trip I worked out the variances due to wind speed and direction. This time not only did I have to make two turns, Luke also got me to do the radio as well. I’m pretty confident on the radio generally but there’s always something new to learn, and it can be difficult to work out what people are saying, and to remember what you should say back to them. Obviously with Luke there I had backup but I was (and am) determined to be as good on radio as I can be.

We found Carsington Water at the right time and place, then made our way up to Chatsworth, a beautiful country house which I’ve visited many times. It was wonderful to see it from the air and Luke took over again so I could take pictures. Then we headed back to Gamston and I tuned into the Gamston VOR to help me keep a straight track back to the airfield. P1000042.jpg


Again I was pretty pleased with my flying, and also with my radio. Analysing my Cloudahoy plot I would say I wasn’t as accurate as I had been the day before to the Humber Bridge, but I was still quite happy, and flying over Chatsworth was a real thrill.

Cloudahoy Carsington Chatsworth 20102016.png

Two navigations down, one to go!

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