Navigation Week Part 1

19/10/16 – I hadn’t quite finished my solo circuits but Luke knew I was itching to get on with something a bit more interesting and so as the weather was reasonable this week we did a couple of navigations. On the 19th we went to the Humber Bridge and back. When preparing for any flight you have to do a lot of planning. The route obviously, what height is safe to fly at (remembering to check for wind farms etc), what speed you’ll be going at, what effect the wind will have and more. You certainly don’t just jump in the aircraft and set off, at least not when you’re a student pilot anyway.

Having planned and done a couple of circuits to make sure I hadn’t lost all my skills in the last week we headed off to the Humber Bridge. Below you can see my Cloudahoy log of the flight. You can see from the starting aircraft position I take off, turn left onto the circuit, then back over the centre of the runway and onto my heading. Once I’d made the Humber Bridge we did a couple of circuits so I could take some photos and then headed back. You can see as I approach Gamston that I’m over to the East, then turn right over the 21 end of the runway and join the circuit crosswind. Cloudahoy Humber Bridge 19102016.png

I was extremely happy with this flight. I kept on track well, my time calculations, factoring in the wind strength were spot on, and it’s the kind of flying I want to do. Sightseeing, visiting places, seeing the world from a different angle. Brilliant stuff that flying enables you to do!



If you want to know more, the podcast, as always, contains an expanded version of the above.

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