On My Own in the Drizzle

12/10/16 – After two week away from the airfield I was keen to get on with it again. I always feel I will have forgotten everything after a week, but with two hours of solo circuits left to do I was hoping to pick it up again quickly, and I did – I’m not sure why I always feel I will have forgotten everything each time!

It was a bit wet, and very cloudy, but not windy so pretty good conditions for me to continue my circuits. Luke took me up for a couple then jumped out and told me to land when I felt I’d had enough. The cloud at just over 1,000 feet meant I had to be quite controlled with my circuit height, 100 feet too high and I’d be in it.

I was on the 03 runway, which meant as on take off I was heading north-northeast towards Retford. When you hit the southern edge of Retford you turn left onto your crosswind leg. As I took off I could see Retford ahead of me, and also pretty thick, very dark clouds. I knew I’d have to keep my eyes on them to see if they got close to the airfield.

On taking off after the second circuit I noticed that I could see less of Retford, and more of the dark cloud, and this continued for four circuits in total. Not only that but now it was raining everywhere in the circuit. I would have liked to have done more but I was worried that visibility would get worse very quickly, so after just four solo circuits, and with Retford difficult to see, and streaming rain down the windscreen, I decide it was more sensible to call it a day.

Still I’d managed to get another 40 minutes of solo circuits in, so including my original solo, and the hour plus I’d done after that, I had less than an hour left to finish that part of my training.

If you want to know more, the podcast, as always, contains an expanded version of the above.

Author: oldmannewpilot

An old man, becoming a new pilot