Solo Circuits!

22/09/16 – After my solo the next stage is to do three hours of solo circuits. This just makes sure you’re completely comfortable taking off and landing on your own. After 9 days away from flying, and the excitement of my solo, I was ready to do some actual solo flying.

My flight instructor, Luke, had been on holiday, and only just arrived back the day before with a heavy cold, so my first solo circuit was to be under the control of Leigh. After my previous lesson with Leigh (see previous posts) I was a little bit apprehensive, however after one quick circuit where everything went very smoothly, he got out of the plane and said “Here you go it’s yours for an hour”.

There followed an hour of me flying solo – very exciting. There was one incident where a visiting aircraft and myself were both fairly close in the circuit at the same time, and I couldn’t see him, but I took a go around to make sure that we didn’t run into each other and all was well.

What a brilliant feeling! Finally I was in control of the plane all by myself.

More details are in the podcast below.

Author: oldmannewpilot

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