Precautionary Landings

12/09/16 – After being cancelled due to gusty wind on the 8th, and generally a pretty bad week all round, I managed to get back into the aircraft on the 12th. It was still pretty windy so instead of circuits we did precautionary landings.

Precautionary landings are ones where the plane seems ok, but other factors lead you to need to land in a hurry and you can’t make it to an airfield. Examples are pilot suddenly being taken ill, maybe it’s getting dark and you aren’t going to make your destination in time, the weather suddenly gets very bad, and there’s more. Because the aircraft is still flying ok you’ve got some time to prepare and to choose your location more carefully than with say and engine failure, so you fly a series of reducing heights around the chosen location to check for potential problems.

Author: oldmannewpilot

An old man, becoming a new pilot