Emergencies/The solo that never was

31/08/16 – As I was still doing circuits we took some time to go through emergency procedures. The basic one being what to do if your engine fails midway through a flight, or shortly after takeoff. It’s all about finding a safe place to land where you know you won’t hit anything like power lines, buildings, people etc. You need to work out how far you can get, identify a location and plan a landing for that location. We also did engine failure in the circuit and glide approaches to land, i.e. landing without power. All of this was completed successfully and it gave me a lot of confidence in the abilities of the aircraft to get were I wanted it to go in an emergency.

01/09/16 – Back into regular circuits again this day, but after five Luke took over and said it was time for my solo! However as we pulled up for him to get out, my solo was cancelled as the wind suddenly started to get up. Utter disappointment!

Author: oldmannewpilot

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