What the hell are foggles?

03/08/16 – After the excitement, and disorientation, of steep turns, this week was to prove even more odd. The weather was bad again, so no circuits, and no solo for me, but it was great weather for Instrument Flying. For most light aircraft pilots, their entire time is spent in sight of the ground, and out of cloud. However Instrument Flying is flying out of sight of ground, in fact out of sight of anything. To do this you either fly in cloud, or if not convenient, wear something called foggles. These sit on your head like a mask that only allows you to see out of the lower half, the idea being that you can see your instruments but not outside.

This doesn’t sound particularly difficult does it? Well if steep turns were a bit off-putting, flying without being able to see the ground is much, much worse. You’re brain really starts to play weird tricks on you, and you can very quickly end up not knowing which way is up. Instrument flying training helps you adapt to this feeling.

Author: oldmannewpilot

An old man, becoming a new pilot