Now is the winter of our discontent

October 2015 – Winter is not the best time to fly. There’ll always be some lovely crisp clear days when you just want to wrap up warm and take off, but for every one of those there’ll be a lot of wet miserable days where visibility isn’t good enough, or you get damp checking the plane out only for the instructor to call it off. Even more typically, you’ll get the call half an hour before you were about to set off saying “Cloud’s too low, sorry”. I found this very frustrating, though I think I’m more accepting of cancellations now than I was when I first started.

In this episode I talk about my thoughts over the Winter, and my decision making about whether to restart.

Also I talk about the costs involved in learning to fly, and the other considerations you might not have thought about like exams, books, equipment etc.

Author: oldmannewpilot

An old man, becoming a new pilot