You fly me round, round, baby round, round

18/10/15 – Circuits are a fundamental part of the training of any new pilot. They are stressful, tiring, hard work, and when you start you think you will never do everything. The amount you have to think of seems overwhelming, but as you do them week after week you get better and better until everything seems natural.

So what are circuits I hear you ask? Well, taking off, flying round a rectangular course, then when you get to the other end of the runway you make a touch and go landing, then you’re off again. It sounds simple but there’s an awful lot to think about and in the podcast I take you through everything you every wanted to find out about circuits.

Little did I know at the time but this was to be my final flight of the year, in fact it was nearly 6 months before I was to get back in the cockpit for my next lessons. And in fact I almost didn’t.



Author: oldmannewpilot

An old man, becoming a new pilot