New plane time, well, new to me

30/9/15 – I’d been having my training in a Cessna 152 so far, a small high wing aircraft that’s a great plane for new pilots, especially if you weigh under 60kg and are about 5′ 6″. Unfortunately I’m neither of those so I always felt a bit cramped in there, even with my tiny instructor. That, along with an incident while checking the fuel – detailed in the podcast – helped me decide to move onto a bigger aircraft, so I went for the Piper PA-28, the same one in fact, that I used when I had my trial flight. It’s a four seater, a bit heavier but also more stable than the 152, low wing, which I think looks better and gives better visibility of other aircraft when flying.

The Piper PA-28, the MPV of the skies!

As all planes fly slightly differently – or vastly differently in some cases – my lesson this week was revision and learning the differences between the 152 and the PA-28. It has different stall speed, different most efficient climb speed etc. And the control layout is different. Another consideration for me was that when I get my licence I’d like to take people out to fly, and learning on the four-seater PA-28 I would be used to it if I decided to rent it later. Gamston Flying School will let you fly their planes for an hourly fee including fuelling etc. and I was looking forward to building up my hours once I’d got my PPL.

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An old man, becoming a new pilot