Week 3 Straight and level Flight

5/8/15 – This is my third week of flying, and we got onto straight and level flight. It makes you wonder what we’d been doing up to this point yeah? Well when you study to become a pilot you go through a series of exercises, numbered from 1 to 19, all of which are a standard system for flight training. (see https://forums.flyer.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=41146 for an overview). So, odd though it sounds, Straight and Level Flight is exercise 6 in the training. It’s also the easiest type of flying to do of course, and there is a trim control in the aircraft that helps you make sure you don’t climb or descend when you don’t want to. Learning how and when to use this is an important part of the training process.


The plane I trained on for my first few lessons was the Cessna 152 (example above). This is a light two-seater high wing aircraft. Personally I wasn’t keen on the high wing aspect, and as it was pretty small inside, I found the space a bit tight as I am quite chunky. Later on I’ll explain why I moved on and what to.

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